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We are going for the gold! If you haven't joined e-gold yet, be sure to do it now. If you have already joined e-gold, and would like a "gifting" program go to and sign up online if you like what it says.. You would need my name, Patricia Krenik, my city, Elma, WA, and my telephone number 360 482 4287, so write it down in case you decide to join. It is a lot of fun to move gold around the net, and fun to get it, too!

But, back to more serious matters, there is a group called "The Warriors" which is the very best place on the net for new marketers, and some of the older ones, too. Great forum, meet lots of people. Get questions answered, make friends to do business with. Check it out now! 

Here is another good suggestion, but before you take me up on it, get yourself another free mailbox somewhere. Why? Because you will get a lot of mail, and you might not want that all in the mailbox you use everyday. This is a "safelist" where people can send to each other their offers, without it being considered spam. You request this list. Make sure you have something to promote before joining this list, otherwise people will be sending you all kinds of things and you won't have anything to send to them. At least join e-gold and send them that! Now here is the mailing list you may join. Freemailer2000 

Well, that should be enough to get you moving a bit! Keep in touch with me! My e-mail 


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