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You can make money with your own business!
You want to make money on the net, and you have seen one offer after another with exciting sales' pitches and you are just biting at the bit to get out there and make yourself rich...........................WHOA --- Hold on.

Let's get real..Okay?

-----Making MONEY on the NET CAN BE EASY-----
but it is not going to happen overnight.  Nor, are people
going to flock to your web site to buy from you without work, time and dedication...If you think it will be an easy ride with no work or learning involved.....back on out of here....because I refuse to sell you a line of lies and a nightmare instead of a dream. This business is for those that want a decent, honest business with no hype and the truth about what they are getting into.

Dreams are what we live for... A dream of a better life. A dream of financial wealth... a dream of being able to help others reach their goal... a dream.........................that 
can be yours  when you are willing to work for that dream.

Since you are still here and reading, you have a strong chance of being successful on the net.

You want a better life, don't you?
You don't want to step on someone else to get it, do you?

How about helping others getting started reaching their dreams, and while you are sharing with them the materials they need to succeed, you will be succeeding..... Sound Good...?

Great! Read on to learn how you can be in your own business on the net for less than $60.00 start up and less than $20.00 per month to maintain your business. 

        Let's see if you have what it takes?

  • An ability to Learn 
  • A web site - You will have one!
  • A Product to Sell - You will have a great product to sell!
  • A way to accept credit cards - You bet you can!
  • $60.00 start up for your own business - Dig deep if you have to so you can start your own business
  • $20.00 per month to maintain your business - barely 66 cents per day, less than a cup of coffee.
  • A willingness to work - You need commitment to make money working at home.

  • Your Business will be selling this site to others so they can
    learn how to make money on the net, too.

    That's right, you will be able to sell this course  for
    $27.95 and you keep the cash...... Can you believe it?

    Question.. But, how can you do that?

    Answer.. Information will always sell. There is always a person like you, who is interested in making money.  The net is a wide open space for enterprise, and those that are willing to work, and believe in their product will become successful.

    When you buy this business, you will have learned a valuable lesson..
    Not only in how to make money, but in what to watch out for when buying on the net... by knowing how to sell, and what makes a person buy, you will be able to save yourself from a ton of heartache of bad purchases.  Or, at least, if they do use the tactics, you will buy their product with your eyes wide open and won't feel fooled.


    • This package tells you exactly what you need to start 
    your business on the web.  The first thing you will need is a domain name and a web host.   This package will insure that you will not be spending more than $20.00 per month to have your business on the web.
    • Where to get hosted - in fact... a free month's hosting comes with this package.. value at $24.95

    You just show the receipt to Teresa King for buying this course
    and you will get your hosting for $15.00 per month for a full
    two years without any price raise whatsoever and you will get
    one month's free hosting, where she will help you get started.

    What she will do is actually set your site up for you for $15.00
    and then not charge you the first month's rental fee on your new
    web site.

    You will have an incredible 300 meg server -with a ton of 
    extras built in. *Note - Read the restrictions, the rules and
    the complete web hosting package here.

    Where to get your domain name for $13.50 per year and ideas on what kind of name to choose.  Yes, you could search for this, and probably a lot more...but why? You will never get what you will be getting anywhere on the net for what you will  be getting for your money at this web site.

    • You will be sent to a secret learn at your leisure.
    • You will have a site like this one to plug into with your name and your credit card acceptance, only it will be your own site. Not just a mirror site with an affiliate number. It will be your own site to sell and you keep the cash....

    Imagine.. you sell something that gives your customer a
     chance to make money and you make money.... What
    a great deal!

    There is no catch. You get hosted, you have a business,
     you do the work or learning and advertising, you pocket the

    YOUR site will be set up for you.... This is not a buy in and
    then flounder..... You will be given tips of where to advertise
    and ebooks to read to learn how to advertise. But, you will be on your
    own after you are set up...After all, it is your business.

    You will have the tools to study and learn.. through the downloads that will come in the secret site:

    You will get instant downloadable ebooks such as:

    • 7 secrets to Unlimited Traffic
    • Secrets of Unlimited Profits
    • Scientific Advertising
    • Ezine Marketing Made Easy
    • Class Ads, a very good software book explaining advertising
    • html tips and tricks
    • A Beginner's Guide to help you basic computer knowledge

    Let's get started 

    Or, Read More

    What you get for your money in a nutshell

    • You get information on how to manage a business on the net for less than $20.00 per month and a total start up fee of $57.00..
    • You get one month's free hosting from Teresa King and a lock in for two solid years at $15.00 per month for web hosting.
    • You get access to the secret club, where you can learn what you need to know to build web pages, upload, download, manage your pc and your business.
    • You will be sent to gobs of free useful places and downloads for free things that will help you learn to make money.  You will be
              in business within three days of purchasing this amazing program.
    • You get complete resell rights to what you are reading now!

      Yes! You will be accepting credit cards. Yes! You will be advertising your very own web site and showing it off to family and friends. No! This is not multilevel marketing. This is your own business.

    You pocket the cash... AND the secret site.. will be on your
    own web site... all for:

    $13.50 for your domain name for a year - not included in this package - but, complete instructions inside.
    $15.00 set up fee to have your site set up not included in this
    $27.95 package - -but instructions inside.

    PLUS THE price of this SITE.... of $27.95

    You are in business for less than $57.95  ----

    Actually, only $56.45...............unbelievable...

    NOT convinced? .... Okay ... Here we go again.

    You will be able to have a web site, just like this one and you pocket the cash.  As you learn how to build web pages, you can build your site anyway that you want. 

    You will be accepting credit cards

    Your business will be on auto pilot.. All you have to do is advertise.

    You will have access to several helpful downloads that are free to you.

    You will have your own business selling this package, with your own domain and your own web site.  That web site can be added to, and changed around all you want as you learn how to build web pages, but while you are learning, you will be in business!
    No one can take your affiliate is your money...because it 
    is not an affiliate program.

    It is your business. 

    This site is guaranteed for your satisfaction or your money
    will be cheerfully refunded.

    You will be plugged in with a great business with a working money making web site, and while you are learning html and other marketing knowledge, you will be fully operating your own home business.

    Thank you for choosing, may your dreams 
    become real.......


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